How to Use Email Lists to Increase Conversion Rate

In Internet marketing, conversion rate is defined as the amount of clicks or sales divided by the amount of visitors to your site. Getting your company name or product out there is only one part of the email marketing process. You also need to turn leads into clicks or sales. There are many ways to improve this statistic, but targeted email marketing using an email database is a great way to bolster the rate of conversion.

The first step in online lead generation is to make sure your company or product website has a landing page setup and ready to capture all of your new leads that will be coming in. A landing page is a specialize page on your website that is targeted to a specific campaign. If you are sending a special promotion  out to your email lists, then when someone clicks on the email you want them to go to a landing page that tells them all about the sale. If you just send the people from your email list to your homepage, they may be confused or frustrated that they can’t see any information about the sale and quickly leave.  Once you have a landing page setup, then you are ready to start sending traffic to your website using targeted email marketing.

Email marketing, especially if you’re using a specialized email database for your target market or industry, is a great way to drive traffic and convert leads and sales. A well-structured marketing email to promote a sale or event can do wonders to increase conversion.

If the email best practices below are are followed when using email marketing you should see a nice increase in conversion rates:

  • Use a reputable looking email address so as not to be accidentally labeled as a spammer ( is better than
  • Make your offer front and center in the marketing email and easy to follow. This will increase the amount of leads visiting your site specifically to take advantage of the offer.
  • Experiment with different subject lines for each email list and keep track of conversions through Google Analytics to see what techniques work specifically for your customers.
  • Less is more. Welcome emails and repetitive offers are bound to decrease the amount of interest.
  • Emphasize offers or benefits rather than just features. Your customer knows why he’s coming to your site, it’s important to tell him what is special and why now is the time to buy.
  • Most importantly, use a “call to action” every time. A strong call to action is often the piece of the puzzle that can turn a marketing email from a good idea into a “must buy”.

Experiment with some of these tricks while monitoring conversion rate through Google Analytics.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for email marketing, but it is possible to take this data and cater
your technique to your audience. As in all marketing, continue testing and you should have no
problem increasing conversion rate.

By Alec Wilcox

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