How to Stay off Blacklists

In order to stay off of spam blacklists, there are a few guidelines that are important to follow. First, the ratio of emails sent to complaints received must be kept low. A good rule of thumb throughout the email marketing industry is one out of 1000 emails can be a reported as a spam complaint in order to remain compliant. Many sources recommend using opt-in/out links at the bottom of your emails to make sure that the recipients can choose whether or not to receive your marketing emails, but remember it’s also the law. As long as people have an easy option to opt out, you will be able to keep your spam complaints low. If email subscribers can’t opt out, then their complaint method goes straight to your ISP or hosting provider.

Keep an eye on spam complaints against your ISP or hosting provider. If you wind up with the same IP address as a known spammer, the problem can compound and wind up with your marketing addresses on a blacklist. If you are using an ISP or host that is known for spam complaints, consider switching. Sometimes you may not even know if your IP has been spoofed or piggy-backed. By keeping a close eye on any issues, you can quickly resolve them by getting a new IP address or moving to a new server on your host.
Make sure that your email service is not vulnerable to malware. If you send an email to a recipient with an infected device, it’s possible that a return email could result in spreading this malware to other recipients. Make sure your email server or service is locked down tight! Also, keep an eye on the comment section of your blog or website. This is a prime location for spam and malicious links, so make sure that comments are not emailed to your marketing account or server. This is a good way to spread malware.
If you do wind up on a blacklist, for example SpamCop or SpamHaus, you may be able to get yourself removed by a simple phone call. In many cases, a spammer would just create a new email address or use a different proxy to get around these lists. By proving that you’re a real person, you are adding legitimacy to your marketing addresses.
Keep your email lists clean and your messages genuine and you will see good results from email marketing.

By Alec Wilcox

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