How to Ask For Permission for Your Email Lists

When you are getting started with email marketing and an email marketing list, it is important to gauge customer interest in the product or service that you are selling. When you get permission from your subscribers to send them emails, your conversion rates will increase. If people are ok with receiving your message, then they won’t mark it as spam and they will be more apt to open them. In most cases, using a targeted email list will allow you to aim your marketing emails at a very select and specific person or industry. In many cases, it’s a good idea to verify that the recipient is interested in your product. The best way to do so is to include a link at the bottom of the email to your website where the user can:

1)      Respond directly to confirm or deny interest
2)      Go to your website and fill out a contact form to the same effect
3)      Fill out a survey to give your more information on why they are or are not interested in your marketing emails

Don’t forget that because of the CAN-SPAM act you must include an unsubscribe choice for anyone you send emails too, except transactional ones. Within the body of your email, you should make it clear that you will cease marketing emails upon request (an opt out or unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email is often the best way). It’s also a good idea to include instructions to “Whitelist” your email address to make sure that your marketing emails are being received as they should be and not caught in spam filters. It is always good to reaffirm permission at least once a year and don’t be afraid to include a specific message in periodic emails clarifying the method you choose to verify interest.
If you follow these steps you can be sure that your emails will only continue to be sent to those that are interested and in return you will see your sales and audience grow!

By Alec Wilcox

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