Email Subject Line Types that Work

As I’ve mentioned previously, email subject lines are often the most important quality in a successful email marketing campaign. The effectiveness of email marketing can be greatly diminished if your subject lines land you in your recipients’ spam folders. To maintain success in email marketing, see what works for your industry or product. You can track the effectiveness of different subject lines by using Google Analytics or a similar tool. In order to find which email lists work best for your mailing lists, test out the “urgent”, “informative” and “conversational” type subject lines explained below.
Oftentimes, using “urgent” words gives you the best chance at increasing your open rate. Try subject lines like “This is your last chance to get 20% off…” or “Final week of our annual promotion.” If your subscriber has any familiarity with your product or service, these types of email subjects can be all it takes for them to make a purchase they were thinking about already.
In addition to using urgent keywords, test informative subject lines too. Many email marketer find success with subject lines like “Have you heard about X?” or “Did you know that X?” These types of subject lines don’t generally imply the nature of the email (a marketing message) and can lead to the second glance you need for a sale.
A conversational tone is great to drum up interest for your product, especially for repeat customers. Many marketing campaigns leverage repeat business by “checking in” or providing updates on your business. Keeping at the front of the minds of your customers is an important step in running a successful campaign.  
By Alec Wilcox

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