7 New Years Resolutions for Businesses

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Ring in your business’s New Year with some fiery resolutions sure to be profitable.

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses

When it comes to business, your New Year’s resolutions aren’t going to be losing weight or quitting smoking. They could be exercising more, however. Exercising your business’s market outreach and position within your community, that is. The New Year is the perfect time to re-evaluate your business and make some resolutions to ensure that you ring in a profitable New Year. Here are some resolutions for you to consider.

Resolution #1: Start an e-Newsletter

If you aren’t already sending a regular e-newsletter to your potential and existing clients, start doing so. If there is one facet of email marketing of which I am truly a fan, it is e-newsletters. These are the perfect marketing tool to establish a human connection with your customers by letting them know what’s going on with your company and your employees. E-newsletters are also the perfect way to solicit new business. You can use them in your email marketing campaigns to try to lure people away from your competitors and through your cyber or brick-and-mortar doors. How do you do this? Again, by sending a brief, but fun e-newsletter allowing people to connect your company with the faces that make it the success that it is.

Resolution #2: Increase Your Community Presence

While you’re setting up your e-newsletter outreach campaign, get out there and get involved in your community, as well. Sure, people can get to know you through an engaging newsletter, but they’ll get to know you even better if your company has a local presence that can be seen offline. Make certain your business is registered with your local Chamber of Commerce, but don’t stop there. Get involved with your local charities, sponsoring events and volunteering to spread the word that your company cares. Get involved with local sports teams, as well, including little league and middle and high school teams. Again, this shows the parents of the athletes that you are an active member of their community and take an interest in what’s going on. This is sure to get people through your business doors.

Resolution #3: Touch Base with Your Employees

The New Year is the perfect time to reconnect with your employees. Your employees are your business’s bread and butter, and if you think otherwise, your fourth New Year’s business resolution should be to get therapy! Take time out of your busy schedule and touch base with each of your employees. If you can afford it, take each one to lunch individually. Find out what’s going on inside their mind, what their business goals are for the New Year, and what you can do to ensure they achieve them. You’d be surprised how this simple gesture will make your employees happier and more productive. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Resolution #4: Clean House

I don’t mean literally clean your business space, and I don’t mean fire a bunch of your staff either –unless you really need to, I guess. I mean clean your cyber house. If you haven’t already, New Year’s is the perfect time to invest in an offsite cloud storage space to back up your company’s electronic files. You need to ensure your company’s data is properly backed up at all times, especially in the winter if you do business in inclement areas where power outages and other weather-related issues are prevalent. There is nothing worse than losing everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve, and that includes losing your electronic data. Clean your data house, including your inbox, and get everything backed-up to a secure outside server. This ensures the data is safe should something happen to your in-house equipment.

Resolution #5: Take a Look at Last Year’s Mistakes… and Move On

I could’ve made this resolution to set your annual business goals, but… um… everybody knows that! Instead, while you’re setting your game plan for the year, take a look at what didn’t work the previous year and – drum roll, please – learn from it! What did your company do last year that failed miserably? More importantly, why did it fail? Until you can determine what doesn’t work, you just might keep spinning your wheels with marketing campaigns and business strategies that don’t work. Instead, learn from your mistakes and retool your campaigns and strategies to avoid making them again in the New Year. You just might find that your past mistakes are the springboard for your future business successes.

Resolution #6: Do Something Fun Each Month

Who says that work can’t be fun? Part of creating a positive working environment is engaging with your employees and allowing them to engage with each other. Company fun shouldn’t be left to just the annual holiday party. Why not have a monthly – whatever – where everyone, and their families, can get together and just chill? Perhaps a company potluck luncheon, or maybe take the afternoon off and go bowling. Have a business sports team. During the summer months, a company picnic at the park costs you nothing, especially if each employee’s family brings their own food. Downtime is equally important as uptime, and a group of people who work and play well together make for a cohesive group of people set on achieving the same business goals.

Resolution #7: Write an e-Book

You own a business because you’re an expert in what you do, so why not write an e-book to show potential and current customers how much you know your stuff. It doesn’t have to be a 300-page novel. It can be something short and sweet, strutting your business knowledge in your particular industry. You can generate additional profit on the side if you decide to sell your e-book, or you can use it as a marketing tool by providing access to the e-book at no charge. Another perfect way to market your business is combine Resolution #1 with this one. Purchase a new email list of potential clients and instead of sending them an e-newsletter send them your e-book!

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