5 Ways You Are Killing Your Mailing List

A lot of people who get started with email marketing quickly tire of the work that goes into running a successful campaign when they don’t see the results they were hoping for right off the bat. The fact of the matter is that maintaining an email marketing campaign is a lot of work. Once you kick off your email campaign you will continually have to create quality content that is targeted to your mailing lists. You will also need to do lots of testing. in order to see what works best. The good news is that a lot of times the amount of mailing list maintenance can be minimized by taking into account the following factors that are proven to reduce response rate.

1. Are you sending emails too frequently? Try experimenting with bi-weekly instead of weekly, or even longer depending on changing response rates.
2. Don’t have something new to say about your business or product? Maybe now is not the best time for a marketing email. If you don’t have something new to promote, oftentimes your email list recipients might see your email as unwelcome or spam. This is the last thing you want.
3. Experiment with fewer or more images in the body of the email. Too many images are a good way to be relegated to the spam folder, but too few is also a problem. You don’t want your recipients staring at a wall of text. See what works.
4. Make sure you’re tracking the success of your mailing lists with Google Analytics. You can see how to do so in some of my earlier blogs.

5. Make sure that your subject lines are clear and not spammy. If your subject lines aren’t streamlined, it is likely that you are hurting your email marketing campaign.

By Alec Wilcox

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