Why segmenting email lists is necessary to drive business

Why segmenting email lists is necessary to drive business

While email marketing campaigns were once one-size-fits-all, times have changed and strategies need to be adjusted if businesses want to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts. According to Marketing Land, the main way marketers are doing this is by segmenting the subscribers on their email distribution list. Many companies are catching on to this trend and changing the way they approach email marketing accordingly. 

Marketing Land advised strategists to first focus on determining their best customers. This should be the segment that strategists put the most time and effort into. Loyalty should be rewarded, and the best customers need to made aware of their exclusive status. A friends and family offer is a great way for marketers to deliver that message. By giving privileged customers the option of extending their discounts and perks to their loved ones, businesses increase their chances of boosting brand loyalty.

Increase volume for those well-deserved buyers
All customers like to know that they are receiving special treatment. When businesses send their most valued buyers the option to sign up for an exclusive email chain, they open the opportunity to send more messages more frequently. Because these top clients have chosen to sign up, they are much less likely to become irritated by the increased amount of emails coming their way. 

When businesses offer exclusivity, they need to follow up on their word. Marketing Land reminded marketers that these customers expect to be rewarded when they commit to taking on more emails in their inboxes. By delivering on their promises with exclusive promotions, discounts and deals, businesses are more likely to satisfy their favorite customers and retain them as their most reliable buyers. 

Targeting seasonal and inactive customers
Although businesses would ideally maintain their holiday customer base year-round, Marketing Land explained that they cannot deny the effectiveness of honing in on the seasonal crowds to get the best marketing results. Companies should time their email marketing campaigns with upcoming seasonal events and tie together offers that would appeal to customers during a specific time of year. This will bring in more seasonal business and likely remind once-a-year customers to come back during the off-season. 

If marketers still have the addresses of old customers on their email contact list, it is a great idea to reach out to them and try to spark interest once again. Customers might be pleasantly surprised by a campaign reminding them of their positive shopping experiences with that company. While some customers have made up their mind not to shop with a brand again, it can never hurt to try, pointed out Marketing Land. 

Other benefits of segmenting an email marketing campaign
A common complaint about email marketing methods is that they don't appeal to people personally. By segmenting campaigns, marketers are in a much better position to develop customized content to consumers based on their experiences with the brand. According to Business2Community, sending tailored emails to every customer is out of the question, but segmenting is the next best choice.

Recipients of email with a personal touch are much less likely to unsubscribe. Business2Community asserted that these details can be as small as including a zip code with nearby branches. This will keep customers engaged and attentive to any new emails sent their way. Segmenting campaigns doesn't need to be complex, and the benefits can really pay off in the long run. 

Too many businesses develop an email database only to have it wither away as customers continue to unsubscribe and file complaints. Marketers who segment their campaigns can expect to hold on to their hard-earned email addresses. 

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