Tailor email communications with real-time personalization.

Personalize email distribution list communications to boost success

While business emails are no longer considered a "pioneer" in the marketing and communications field, they are still one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach new and old customers, especially when partnered with targeted email lists.

However, one technique more marketers have deployed or are in the process of implementing is real-time content personalization.

A singular communication    
In fact, a recent survey from the Direct Marketing Association found that 77 percent of marketers in the U.S. believe enabling real-time personalization in email messages is a high priority, Business 2 Community reported. But what exactly does this do?

The news source explained that this technique partners demographic information and constructed audience types with custom content. Furthermore, it is precisely timed to reach consumers at moments when they are most likely to open and click. 

"Capitalize on niche emails – less general and more overtly sales-oriented – in order to increase open rates, click-throughs and revenue," Business 2 Community explained. "This includes the development and testing of email headlines, content, design and call-to-actions."

Not an easy accomplishment                 
While this is a high priority for many marketers, it also extremely difficult. Research from MarketingProfs found that 60 percent of marketers said personalizing messages is their top challenge. Marketing effectiveness and responsiveness followed closely behind (57 percent), with improving customer retention (43 percent), harnessing big data (41 percent) and driving revenue through cross- and up-selling (38 percent).

However, the effort may pay off. Of all the real-time marketing channels, email was ranked the highest, with 80 percent of respondents saying the channel is "very important." With such sentiments in mind, it should be no surprise then that 55 percent of marketers already use this strategy, and another 32 percent plan to do so in the near future, according to the study.

BtoB Online highlighted that one of the key benefits of a real-time marketing campaign is that it can strengthen customer relationship management (CRM) and email analytics, thereby making the job of the salesperson that much easier.

"You want to integrate analytics with CRM so the salesperson can see the whole picture – what kind of content they have been looking at – so you can build a better digital profile about your prospects and customers," Tawheed Kader, CEO of ToutApp, told the news source.

By integrating personalization into their marketing efforts, companies can ensure their email distribution lists are that much more tailored.

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