What’s a Good Conversion Rate for Your Email List?

We talk a lot on this blog about conversion rates, but the question then comes up, “what does having a good conversion rate mean, exactly?” The short answer is that email marketing experts and gurus tend to agree that 1% to 5% is a realistic conversion rate or goal to have. The long answer, however, is that a “good” conversion rate is very subjective.

Really, in judging the efficacy of an email marketing list, the only metric that really matters is whether or not your customers are responding your call to action. Conversion rates can vary quite a bit between fields and industries. In addition, if you have two different promotional offers, and one is converting at 1–1.5%, and the other is converting at 2.5%, you shouldn’t assume that the higher-converting figure is more successful: if the lower conversion rate offer results in fewer clicks, but has a high margin, the lower conversion rate is a better investment. The only way to find out exactly what a good conversion rate is for your campaign is to continue to try new promotions, and adjust your goals based on your own historic data.

By Alec Wilcox

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