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How to Quickly Build Your Email List

In the field of email marketing, it is usually very helpful and advantageous to have a curated, precompiled list of valid recipient email addresses. But if you are just starting out with email marketing, it can be difficult to quickly build an email list. So the question arises: where do I get one of these lists? In years past, renting an email list was the preferred method of acquiring one, but many think that this way is outdated and purchasing a list is a much more popular option.

Renting a list means that you will only be able to use the contact information once (and only see the contact information of respondents). You will also likely never actually see the list; in this type of situation it is common to email the list owner and have the message broadcasted to the list.

Purchasing a list is widely considered the best option for many reasons. For one, you will have permanent access to the addresses included therein and databases can be purchased based on criteria (such as location or industry). Purchased lists are a great way to expand the profile of your company in an efficient way, and a really great way to build up your marketing profile quickly. It is far more cost-effective to purchase a list once instead of repeatedly renting the same names every time a new marketing is ready.

When you don’t have the luxury of developing your email list, take advantage of some of the email list databases you can buy instead of paying the price for renting the same lists over and over.

By Alec Wilcox

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