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Targeted Email Lists vs. Email Marketing Lists

Over time, sending repeated emails to a single database can result in a downward trend in clickthrough and impressions. Attrition of an email list is simply one of the factors we deal with in email marketing. It is a fact of life. However, there are many ways to mitigate this effect and to extend the useful period of an email database.
For one, it is always important to send good content to your email list contacts. I have talked about this before in these blogs at some length, but the long and short of the matter is that the more frequently you send emails, the more frequently you should have something new to offer your potential customers. If you email your list subscribers every day or every week, soon they will relegate you to the spam folder, one way or another.

Additionally, using an email database like a B2B business list is the best way to get your offers to the greatest number of people, but not necessarily to the greatest number of potential leads. It is much more efficient to send your content to a targeted email list. This means that your offers go to people who are assured to be in the industry you are marketing to, or in the region you are marketing to. For example instead of a B2B mailing list, send to a healthcare email list. This smaller subset of your entire list will undoubtedly respond better, thus extending the life of the list itself.

By Alec Wilcox

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