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How to Increase Sales with Your House Email Lists

The conventional wisdom in online marketing these days (including marketing via email lists) is to streamline, streamline, streamline. Research says that the fewer products you have, assuming they are quality products, the greater the likelihood of conversion. Obviously the law of diminishing returns is at work here, so it is important to have robust as well as streamlined offerings, but specifically with email marketing, it is imperative that the customer arrive at your site and know where and what to buy quickly. Simple, direct marketing emails are a great way to draw the customer’s attention to a particular product or promotion.

When you have streamlined your offerings to your best products and services, you can begin trying to simplify the process from start to finish. If a marketing email is the first way that a customer is going to hear about your business, make sure that that email says what needs to be said quickly and in a concise fashion. Most users will barely glance at an unsolicited email, so it is important to stand out in the right way. Simple subject lines and promotions are the way to go. Studies have shown that businesses with a clear line between offer, link and purchase have the best chance at turning leads or possible customers into sales.

The purpose of mailing lists, like any marketing strategy is not just to create awareness of your

product or business, but to create results. In most cases, “results” means sales, plain and simple. There really is no magical way to take a mailing list and leverage it for guaranteed sales, but through a few “best practices,” you can begin to see a greater click-through rate (CTR) which is the first step toward increased sales. Simply put, the best way to leverage email lists for sales is to put sales to the back of your mind as a goal. Make your goal visibility first, and sales will follow. Maybe your customers won’t be interested in the offer you are sending this month, but it is a possibility that they will be interested in the one you send six months from now. Make sure to keep your marketing relevant, current and always test your messages. If a customer follows your links, he is exponentially more likely to follow through toward a purchase at some point. The best way to turn faceless email addresses into sales, is to first turn them into pageviews.

By Alec Wilcox

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