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Using Google Analytics to Track Your Email List Performance

A lot of people don’t know that of the many useful capabilities of Google Analytics, one can also use these tools to track email marketing performance. Many marketers are not aware that Google Analytics can be used to track marketing emails “beyond the click,” this is to say, track the behavior of users once they have reached your website.

Email marketing can use specially formatted links to engage Google Analytics. When these links are clicked from within a marketing email, the Analytics account will acknowledge this fact and report it. Several bloggers recommend using “advanced segments,” a Google Analytics rule, to isolate people who are clicking through your emails. This way,  you can separate those that were referred by direct marketing efforts and those that came upon your site or products organically (by referrals, Google results, or some other means).

Google Analytics works by “link tagging,” or using parameters within a dynamic URL to convey a message to the Analytics software. Google has a URL creator tool that you can use to custom-tailor URLs (the link is here: ). Once these parameters have been put into place, you should be able to go to your Google Analytics account and begin to form a trend or behavior pattern for those that have clicked through.

Once you have this data, it should become easier to start making adjustments to the campaign. You can change the frequency, tone, or timing of your emails. Does it have a negative or positive effect? How about if you change the wording? More data on the subject is always going to help you form a plan of attack for your specific marketing situation. Experiment with different strategies and see what works through Google Analytics.

By Alec Wilcox

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