Targeted Email Lists Make for Higher Response Rates

It may make sense in theory to cast a broad net with email marketing and try to cater to the largest audience possible. However, studies have shown that the opposite is actually true: targeted email lists are far more effective. In most cases, the type of product you are marketing will dictate exactly what email list or database you should purchase, rent or segment.
For example, if you are marketing to a specific region, buying a national or international database would not be as effective as purchasing one targeted toward that specific region. Similarly, marketing a product such as medical equipment to non-doctors or healthcare practitioners is more likely to raise red flags in terms of spam than to actually convert to sales. Make sure that you know your audience while you prepare your marketing campaign.
While many marketing firms nowadays cater to social media presence, it has been consistently proven that a large properly targeted email list can result in a much higher CTR (click-through rate). Research also seems to indicate that coordinating your email marketing with your social marketing is an even better solution. Be sure to include social media links in the footer of your marketing emails. Since you are already aiming your emails at people in the industry or region you are catering to, let them know that your site might have more content that they might be interested in. Maybe they aren’t ready for your marketing promotion but they want to check out your blog. This is a great way to increase the open rate and conversion rate of your mailing lists.


By Alec Wilcox

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